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I’m Silver Edwards.

I’m a proud mom, educator, competitive soccer coach, and former division 1 athlete on a mission to help female soccer athletes flourish the best accessory they have - Confidence .

I help competitive female soccer athletes who struggle with their mental performance during games so that they can overcome game performance challenges with confidence.

I am YOUR Mental Mindset Confidence Coach.

My Story

My name is Silver Edwards and I am a mother of three beautiful kids, a wife, an educator of over ten years, a girls competitive soccer coach, a former division 1 soccer athlete, a daughter, and a sister. I played soccer for what feels my whole life. As a 15 year old young girl, I worked hard at my craft day after day and had my heart set at playing the highest level possible. Throughout my high school years, I was a standout athlete and given many accolades. With these accolades, I had set high expectations for myself and felt validated with every athletic and academic accomplishment. This hard work paid off as I committed to playing soccer at Loyola Marymount University, a division 1 college level.

(Go Lions!).

However, I struggled my first year of college and had a hard time adjusting to the environment. I struggled in practice and games. I felt like a failure, played afraid, had so much self-doubt and just overall, not confident with myself. I was so focused on getting results or seeking to achieve something that I was missing the lessons of the journey. At the end of my first year, I shifted my mindset and learned three valuable lessons 1) there is no such thing as failure but everything is an opportunity for growth, 2) believe in myself, and 3) I control my efforts and my responses. My confidence grew and my second year, I returned and was voted team captain. My love for the game continued throughout my life and inspired me to be a competitive soccer coach. As a coach and a mentor to many young ladies, this experience made me recognize a missing aspect – the mental mindset components. I observe coaches focusing on technical and tactical training but neglecting the mental mindset. Emphasizing the significance of pre-practice, pre-game, and during-game rituals is crucial and shouldn’t be underestimated. Establishing a positive mental mindset has the potential to elevate both individual and team performance, paving the way for remarkable results.

My goal is to fire up young female soccer athletes on how to be the best version of themselves and develop skills they can use for the rest of their lives. As a mother, educator and competitive coach of over ten years, I know first hand, every female athlete encounters challenges, and by nurturing confidence, they become equipped to manage and recover from setbacks in both their personal lives and athletic competitions. I know in my heart that all female athletes need to work on their mental mindset because, let’s be honest, if we feel confident, we play confident.

Get ready for your daughter or team to discover a whole new sense of self. Let’s get started!

I see YOU,


Tailored Coaching Programs

Confidence & Mindset Coaching for Athletes

Tailored for individual female athletes, this program centers on fortifying the confidence of female athletes within a competitive setting. It incorporates specialized techniques, exercises, and mentoring focusing on developing pre-competition and during competition rituals, including powerful self-talk and how to overcome mistakes within competition.

Confidence & Mindset Coaching for Teams

Tailored for female groups or athletic teams within a competitive setting. Focusing on team rituals such as pre-practice, pre-game and during the game rituals to enhance team performance and camaraderie. It incorporates establishing positive performance mindset goals of the team including how each team member is significant to the overall team performance.

Parental Guidance and Support Coaching

This program is to aid parents in fostering their daughter’s development as a female athlete. This program offers strategies, guidance, and resources. It equips parents with insights to comprehend their roles, communicate effectively, and furnish the essential guidance and support crucial for their daughter’s journey of growth and building confidence as a competitive athlete.

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What About You?

As a female athlete, I understand the considerable time and energy invested in physical training. If you relate to any of the following feelings, then it’s essential to have a toolkit for improving your mental performance which will then boost confidence during practice and competition.

- I am so nervous before every game. How can I conquer pre-game nervousness?

- I am too comfortable during practice. What can I do to improve performance in each of my practice sessions?

- One mistake turns into six. How can I quickly bounce back from mistakes during a game?

- I feel confident but still have a bad performance. How is that?

- I am never part of the starting line up. How can overcome being a non-starter?

- I choke when under pressure. How can I keep my cool during high-pressure moments?

- I have inconsistent performance during practice and in games. How can I stay motivated and disciplined throughout the ups and downs of my athletic journey?

- I listen to music and eat well before games. Do my pregame rituals help my mental preparation before games?

- My team won but I am not happy with how I played. How can I focus on more positive things?

- I am now injured. How can I still contribute to my team but also focus on returning to play?

If you can relate to any of these situations. Let’s build your toolbox and your confidence TOGETHER.

Schedule A Free Coaching Call for Personalized Guidance

If you are a parent and or coach looking to enhance the mental mindset and or build confidence for your team or daughter, contact me NOW to schedule a call. I seek to empower girls to tackle challenges with enthusiasm and a positive outlook.


Confidence Stories

“Silver has been instrumental in my daughter’s soccer development. Since the age of 8, my daughter has been training with Silver and has shown her the benefits of discipline and hardwork. She creates an environment where my daughter is not afraid to learn from her mistakes and push through adversity, which has built her confidence on and off the soccer field. We will continue to seek Silver’s advice and training through my daughter’s high school career.”

Ruben P.

"Silver’s unwavering dedication and genuine care for her players is truly inspiring. She teaches them not only the necessary skills but also the importance of confidence and playing with heart. Her positive influence has brought out the best in my daughter Ava, and I am grateful for the impact she has had on her life. Silver's love for her players is a testament to the amazing coach and mentor that she is. My daughter Ava is lucky to have had the opportunity to learn and grow because of Silver.”

Shea S.

"Silver is FANTASTIC! Silver's mentoring and methods helped my daughter grow and become a better soccer player!"

Jenee C.

“In the past six years, Silver has been a great coach on the field and a great mentor off the field. Silver is extremely knowledgeable about the game of soccer. She is committed to player development and works well with her players. Silver has inspired our daughter to become a better player. Her love of soccer is evident and her commitment is unmatched. Silver has taught our daughter discipline, hard work and teamwork. We are grateful to have Silver as our daughter's coach.”

Noe G.

"Silver is hands down the best trainer we have worked with. In the years she has worked with our Brianna, I have seen Silver push her to the point of breaking while encouraging her through the whole process making her come out stronger both physically and mentally. Brianna's confidence and skill level has skyrocketed since Silver started working with her and we are forever grateful! Silver's outreach both on and off the field, has forever made an impression on Bri. Thank you for being her coach, friend and cheerleader!"

Patty F.


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